Welcome to the website for the Texas A&M Grand Challenge project titled “Building Climate Resilience: Seeking Sustainable Solutions for Water, Agriculture and Biodiversity in Arid Regions.”


In October, the Grand Challenge team hosted a conference on agricultural and ecological vulnerability to climate changes and possible adaptation strategies. Click here for more information on the Fall 2018 Conference event. 

Speaker presentations from the Fall 2018 Conference have been uploaded onto the the Speaker Bio page to facilitate and incentivize ongoing discussion.


The Grand Challenge Big Idea: Our fundamental idea is the application of new generation, high resolution climate models, integrated with land use variables, to deliver adaptation solutions to rural stakeholders. We know of no other program that has the capabilities and the emerging national and international collaborations to do this. The ability to link sophisticated high resolution global system predictive models scaled to local levels and supported by domain modeling and knowledge will anticipate and generate regional solutions to the threats imposed by climate change. The evolution of such an approach will be novel and provide cutting edge opportunities. Think super computers to sorghum.

For more information, please see the people involved with this effort and the funded proposal.

Dr. Jerry Hatfield visited campus to present a seminar and meet with Grand Challenge researchers in April. Click here for more information about Dr. Hatfield’s seminar.

The first workshop was held in February. Click here for more information about the February 2018 Workshop