Spring 2018 Seminar


Following the workshop in February, the Core Team wanted to invite a speaker to campus that has researched climate change effects and vulnerabilities at the intersection of agriculture and ecosystems. Given that this is relatively specific expertise, the team went through a brainstorming process to try and find a candidate that would be able to provide this specific knowledge.

The goal of the seminar is to learn about relevant research related to the Grand Challenge project but also serve as an example of how research can occur at the intersection of both agriculture and ecosystems. The seminar will also generate discussion on campus of climate vulnerability and adaptation as well as draw attention to the issue. This unifying seminar will help direct future research within the group and stimulate additional research questions.

With this in mind, the team is pleased to announce that Dr. Jerry Hatfield will be visiting campus on April 27 to meet with interested researchers and deliver a seminar. Dr. Hatfield is an accomplished researcher and has served on a number of committees, organizations, and in advisory roles.   You can read more about Dr. Hatfield’s positions and research interests here. Details for his seminar are below or can be found here.

Please see the flyer below and join us  for his seminar.



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