February 2018 Workshop Participants

List of Participants

Dr. Brent Auvermann
Research Interests: environmental quality and manure management associated with confined livestock production

Dr. Rodrigo Bombardi
Research Interests: climate variability, climate predictability, and model development

Dr. David Brown
Research Interests: climate services, synoptic and applied climatology, and global environmental change

Dr. Charles Lafon
Research Interests: vegetation dynamics and plant geography

Dr. Bruce McCarl
Research Interests: policy analysis in climate change, climate change mitigation, ENSO analysis, and Edwards Aquifer water as well as the proper application of quantitative methods

Dr. Gretchen Miller
Research Interests: groundwater hydrology; ecohydrology; critical zone hydrology; groundwater-soil-plant-atmosphere interactions; aquifer storage and recovery; Earth system modeling

Dr. David Reed
Research Interests: nutrition, especially iron nutrition, and in the effects of water quality and salinity on greenhouse crops

Dr. Jason Sawyer
Research Interests: beef cattle production systems, with a special emphasis on stocker cattle production systems and upstream and downstream impacts of management inputs

Dr. Yangyang Xu
Research Interests: climate and air pollution

Dr. Perry Barboza
Research Interests: consequences of life history and environmental change on nutrition in ungulates, waterfowl as well as non-game species (in both wild and captive populations

Dr. David Briske
Research Interests: ecological function, management strategies, and policy implications on global rangelands

Dr. Tom Lacher
Research Interests: conservation biology, tropical ecology, the IUCN Global Assessments, conservation planning, and the assessment and monitoring of patterns and trends in biodiversity

Dr. Mike Langston
Research Interests:developing protocols for involving stakeholders in watershed management decisions, water policy development, and the nexus of water and energy development/a>

Dr. Brent McRoberts
Research Interests:climate, drought, and statistical modeling

Dr. John Nielsen-Gammon
Research Interests: large-scale and local-scale meteorology, basic and applied climatology, and air pollution meteorology

Dr. R. Saravanan
Research Interests: mathematical and physical aspects of the climate system. Of primary interest are the physical mechanisms that are responsible for the climate of the Earth, in the present, in the past (paleoclimate), and in the future (climate change)

Dr. Jean Steiner
Research Interests: long term agroecosystem research, agroclimate, water resources

Dr. Kirk Winemiller
Research Interests: fish ecology and evolution, community ecology, and ecosystem ecology in aquatic habitats